The Collaborative Network for Musicians

Are you a composer?
Do you do sound design for films or games?
Do you play a music instrument?
Are you an expert in MIDI sequencing, mockup productions, score preparation?
Can you offer music recording services?

 If your answer is YES to any of the above, Fíngaro is your place.


Fíngaro is a collaborative network created by and for people involved in the music industry. The purpose of Fingaro is to connect people with different skills, experiences and backgrounds to collaborate in music projects, but also to help each other, to share one’s expertise with others and, overall, to build a community based in trust, professional behaviour and honesty.

How can you start to be part of this network? It’s simple. Register in the network, filling your professional profile. You can load samples of your work, list your skills and refer your experience. Once registered, you can start using the two main Fíngaro resources:

  1. Search collaborators: imagine you need a cello player for a soundtrack recording, or an orchestrator to help you finishing your score. Just use the search fields to filter the criteria, and you’ll get all the network profiles that match with your needs. From this, you can contact direct to this person.
  2. Forum: the ideal place to share your awesome and creative ideas or to ask for help about this tricky issue that is consuming your mind and stopping you to progress in your work.

That’s all! If you know colleagues that you think should be in Fíngaro, please invite them to register.

The bigger the community, the greater the collaboration possibilities and the more creative the projects.