Our Philosophy

The idea of Fíngaro arose during the past GEMS Summer Program 2019. In the context of these intense 11-days program, with 18 participants from 14 different countries and totally different backgrounds (from classical to DJ, pianists, harpists, drummers, composers experts in film or games, sound designers), a great sense of community, of trust, of supporting each other emerged between all of us. There was a common goal (the final orchestral recording of the pieces that each participant had to compose during the program) and we helped each other with our knowledge and expertise. 

From this experience, some collaboration opportunities started to crystalize as well: recordings, orchestrations, productions, etc. Some of us (I remember my conversations with Andrés Hernández sharing an ice beer in Madrid) talked about the idea of a network based on a real trust and constructive spirit, where everyone could offer his/her best skills and experience to collaborate with others in different projects. 

Once GEMS program finished, I decided to materialize this idea through an online network. I shared my thoughts and ideas with the rest of the GEMS participants, and with the help of Andrés as a qualified beta tester of the online platform, Fíngaro was born.

The philosophy of Fíngaro relays in keeping this sense of community, based on three statements:

  • Trust, both in a professional and in a personal sense: we ask each new member to be honest when creating your profile and also in your forum contributions.
  • Professional behaviour: Talk about things you really know, and collaborate in projects in which you can really contribute.
  • Generosity: we don’t compete among us, but help each other to achieve everyone’s success. Be generous when sharing your knowledge and when incorporate others to your projects. 

I hope that you agree with these three principles, and hope that you become part of this growing family.

Francisco Cuadrado